Dog Brush Deshedding Glove | Dog Hair Removal Glove | Dog Glove

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Change of season means shedding!

Use a comfortable silicone de-shedding glove to wash your dog for maximum hair removal.

The silicone bristles built into the palm of the glove releases the hair from your dog's coat, making de-shedding and washing your dog a simple process.

See a demonstration of the glove in action below

Available in blue or red to suit your preference, one size fits all.

Sold as individual left-hand or right-hand gloves.

The resulting hair on the glove can be washed off in water. 

This glove is also a great petting and grooming tool. Your doggo will love the feel of the bristle while you pet and groom them. The glove works equally well, wet or dry.

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