Review of the Dog Deshedding Glove

Review of the Dog Deshedding Glove

There have been a lot of traditional brushes to remove excess dog hair over time, but recently a different approach is gaining in popularity. A Deshedding Glove is a glove that the dog owner wears and pats their dog to remove excess hair!

 hair brush for shedding dog hair on ground white dog in background


First Impressions

The deshedding glove is an unusual looking item. It has a flexible but strong rubber underside with soft inbuilt rubber bristles. the top is a comfortable mesh with a velcro wrist strap to secure the glove.  It is one size fits all with a choice of a left or right-handed glove.

The Testing

I decided to try the glove with both a dry and a wet dog to test its effectiveness. I do not have particularly big hands so the glove was a snug comfortable fit.  I am right-handed so I chose a left-handed glove on the assumption I may need to hold the dog with my right hand and stroke it with the left.

First up Rocky our Beaglier.  She is a dog with medium length hair.  Rocky is a dog that loves to snuggle and be petted. The experience is quite natural, basically petting your dog as you normally would. Decent amount of excess hair was removed.  The hair collects in the bristles on the underside of the glove and can either be removed by washing the glove in water or just picking out the clumps.

Next was tester number two, Woody. He is constantly in the pool or water at the beach so perfect for our wet test after his daily swim.  Woody is a white short-haired dog so is not a huge shedder, but he does his part to leave some furballs around.  The glove worked a treat wet, easily extracting wet hair that had not come off during the swim.




  • Easy to put on and use
  • Utilises the natural petting you would have with your dog
  • Cleans off easily by washing hair away or picking out hair clumps
  • Can be used on a dry or wet dog 
  • One size fits all glove with velcro strap


  • Bought as a single left or right glove. Need to work out which hand you will hold your dog with and which will be used to pat your dog. 


Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

 The Deshedding Glove is a good alternative to traditional brushes. It provides a more natural relationship with your dog using your usual petting time.


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