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Roll-Up Travel Bowls

Roll-Up Travel Bowls

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Are you planning on travelling with your doggo? Perhaps a hiking or camping trip?

This roll-up travel bowl is a perfect solution for providing great feeding bowls for your doggo while minimising space in your gear.

roll up travel bowl in carry case compared to the size of a standard pen

This unique travel bowl rolls up into a small roll and comes with its own carry case that can be attached to your pack or fits in a small space in your bag. When it is unrolled, it provides two spacious bowls. Both of these bowls have a generous capacity of 600ml. head tester woody eating kibble from roll up dog bowl on long wet grass

The roll-up bowl is available in two colours; green and grey, and is made from a strong silicone. It is easy to clean and will provide you with a waterproof feeding mat.

roll up travel bowl on wooden deck filled with dog kibble and water

With this roll-up bowl, your dog will always have a convenient, clean bowl for food and water on the go. head tester woody on wet grass looking at opened roll up travel bowls with kibble and water on long wet grass

Allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

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