Dog Bathing Comb & Shampoo Dispenser | Dog Brush | Dog Wash Brush

  • $29.95
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 2 in 1 Bathing Comb and Shampoo Dispenser

Need to give your doggo and good clean and groom? The 2 in 1 brush is a time saver and leaves you with a free hand to attend to your doggo.

The one-piece foam reservoir design allows you to dispense shampoo while cleaning your doggo but simply pressing the top dispenser button.  For best results, the shampoo is pre-diluted in the brush. This does not only save shampoo but also makes it easier to create more foam.

This ergonomic design of the brush resembles a computer mouse. It is designed to be easy to grip and is suitable for long or short hair dogs.

The silicone brush bristles are very soft and will not hurt your pet's skin. The Brush provides a quick and thorough washing of your doggo but also massages the skin to improve blood circulation, giving your dog a very comfortable bath.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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