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Frosty Bowl

Frosty Bowl

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Frosty Bowl

Do you need a solution to keep your doggo's water cool on hot days?

The Australian heat can be brutal on a dog's water supply, quickly turning it to warm or hot water on a Summer day.  

Traditionally you can put ice cubes or similar in the bowl to help keep the water cool but these solutions outside only last a very short time.

The frosty bowl is a unique solution to provide your doggo with cool water for hours. The bowl cleverly separates from the stand so it can go into your freezer overnight.

blue frosty bowl demonstrating how the bowl seperates from the base to go into the freezer

Given the size of the bowl and the materials it is made from, it will heat up much slower than solutions like adding ice cubes, keeping your doggo's water cooler longer on hot days.


The non-toxic core bowl freezes in approx 2 hours and holds 450ml of water for your doggo.

Ensure your doggo has cool water on hot days with a Frosty Bowl.

woody head dog product tester for drinking from a frosty bowl on a hot day outside on a wooden deck
Please allow 1-2weeks for delivery.
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