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Dog Water Bottle 3in1

Dog Water Bottle 3in1

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The 3in1 Dog Water Bottle is meticulously designed for discerning dog owners who seek convenience without compromising on elegance or functionality. This multifaceted accessory is essential to your doggo care collection, combining a water dispenser, food container, and waste bag compartment in one refined and streamlined package.

Comprehensive Functionality: Engineered for optimal convenience, this sophisticated system encompasses a 300ml capacity for water, a 100g compartment for food, and an integrated compartment for waste bags. Designed to seamlessly address your doggo's hydration, nutritional, and cleanliness needs, this system ensures a well-prepared outing with your beloved pet.

Health and Safety Priority: Constructed from premium, non-toxic materials, this water bottle is dedicated to your dog's health and safety. The materials are resilient to high temperatures, ensuring water and food quality maintenance under varying environmental conditions.

Designed for Convenience: The 3in1 water bottle boasts a lockable dispensing mechanism, enabling precise control of water flow and preventing inadvertent spills. The detachable components are designed for easy cleaning, promoting hygienic use after each outing. This consideration ensures that the system remains pristine and ready for your doggoโ€™s next adventure.

Elegance and Portability: Available in a selection of sophisticated colours, from Twilight Grey's subtle elegance to Cherry Blossom Powder's vibrant charm, our 3in1 water bottle is a statement accessory. Its compact design, complemented by a practical lanyard, facilitates effortless transportation and accessibility, ensuring it remains a discreet yet indispensable companion on your journeys.

Environmental Responsibility: Integrating a compartment for waste bags empowers dog owners to maintain cleanliness and hygiene while outdoors.ย 


The 3in1 Dog Water Bottle represents a harmonious blend of sophistication, functionality, and ethical responsibility tailored for the modern dog owner. This system is ideal for small to medium dogs or short outings.

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