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Dog Toothbrush Stick | Clean Dog Teeth | Toothbrush for Dogs

Dog Toothbrush Stick | Clean Dog Teeth | Toothbrush for Dogs

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Dog Toothbrush Stick

Reduce the risk of expensive vet bills by encouraging your dog to clean their teeth! 85 percent of dogs over age 4 have some form of gum disease.

This specially designed toothbrush stick for Dogs is made from safe, durable rubber and has easy to hold paw pads. The soft textured design is safe for your dog's gums and the oral cavity.

Traditional toothbrushes can bruise and hurt your dog's gums. It can also be a real challenge to get your dog to hold still while you try to brush their teeth. This causes this to be a bad experience for both of you.

The Dog Toothbrush Stick is designed to encourage chewing so that the specially designed textured surface cleans teeth on both sides while providing an enjoyable chewing experience. No more wrestling matches with your dog to get their teeth clean!

The stabilizing base makes it easier for your dog to hold the toothbrush. Set it down in front of them and watch them chew away.

Please allow 1-1.5weeks for delivery.


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