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Puzzle Feeder Bowl

Puzzle Feeder Bowl

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Do you want to challenge your doggo and help their digestive health? The Puzzle Feeder Bowl is the answer.

This is an excellent way to slow down your doggo's feeding time to help your dog digest and prevent bloating. It can also be used as a therapeutic dispenser toy to reward your doggo with various healthy snacks.

Use this educational game dog toy to exercise your dog's brain and provide an interesting physical and mental challenge for the Doggo. Train your pet's sense of smell, think about ways to solve problems, and let the dog have fun while moving the slider with its nose or paw.


Reduce pet boredom. Pet educational toys can keep intelligent dogs busy and more active, reduce their boredom, redirect destructive behaviour and teach problem-solving. 

The dog puzzle feeder has a cute colour design and is made of non-toxic PVC material, which is very durable and suitable for doggo to play with. It features non-removable plastic sliders to avoid swallowing. It can be conveniently cleaned with water.

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