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Dog Jogging Leash Belt | Handsfree Dog Walking | No pull leash | Jogging with your dog

Dog Jogging Leash Belt | Handsfree Dog Walking | No pull leash | Jogging with your dog

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Do you love running with your doggo? It is an efficient way for you both to get some exercise at the same time.

Suitable for running, jogging, walking or even shopping with your doggo.

The shock-absorbing bungee leed reduces shock from pulling and tugging and absorbs abrupt changes of direction of your dog. The leed is comfortably secured to your waist while you are jogging with your doggo.  This protects both you and your doggo and provides enough freedom for your dog to run freely in front of you, or beside you.

The adjustable waist belt is comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. The strong plastic buckles make the belt lightweight, but strong and quick to adjust. Reflective stitching in the pouch increases visibility at twilight or night time, providing a safer environment when walking your dog. The dog leash can be also detached. You can hold the leash alone or attach any kind of dog leash to your waist belt.  This gives you a lot of flexibility to run with your dog, jog with your dog or walk with your doggo.

The pouch has been cleverly designed to meet your hands-free needs.  It contains a large central section for your phone, separate sections for your keys and coins and a special dispenser for wired headphones.

Perfect for small to medium or less active large dogs.

Please allow up to 2  weeks for delivery

If you are a more serious runner or do not need a storage solution for your phone etc, check out the Jogging Leash here


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