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Dog Cooling Mat | Cooling Pad for dogs

Dog Cooling Mat | Cooling Pad for dogs

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Dog Cooling Mat

Help your doggo stay cool in these warmer months with this unique cooling mat. make sure your doggo always has a comfortable place to be in your home or when you are travelling.

small beagle on dog cooling mat inside

This uniquely constructed mat has a cool soft top surface that is cool and pleasant to lie on. The bottom of the mat is a mesh design that is strong and will dissipate heat. The fabric regulates the temperature by absorbing heat, and the cooling factor adheres to the skin with cool and non-cold comfort for your doggo.

two dogs lying on dog cooling mat inside in sunshine

The dog cooling mat can be easily rolled up for storage and is machine washable. It can be placed on floors, kennels, sofa, dog bed, car seat, etc., making it ideal for travel or outdoor activities. It also protects your sofa, chair, bed, etc. from pet spills and stains.

table of dog cooling mat sizes

The cooling mat comes in a variety of sizes to fit most dogs and spaces.

Delivery usually within 3-4 Weeks.


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