Slow Feed Dog Bowl

  • $29.95
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Do you have a dog that gulps down its meal at feed time? Do you want to make your dog's mealtime more stimulating?

large dog eating food out of slow feed bowl

This dog bowl is specifically designed to develop the healthy habit of slow eating and drinking. The swirl design of the Slow Bowl is designed to slow down rapid eating and drinking and reduce the risk of choking.  This interactive and fun feeder reduces the tummy aches, diarrhea and vomiting by fast eaters by forcing them to slow down to extract the food from the swirl design.

It is available in 3 colours; Blue, matte Green and matte Pink.

The Slow Bowl is made of non-toxic high-quality PP material, corrosion-resistant, resistant to high and low temperatures, bite-resistant, light, soft, and durable. The non-slip bottom prevents pets from tipping their bowls during eating.


Do you have a custom bowl and want an insert that turns it into a slow-feed bowl? Click Here

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