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Strong Dog Rubber Bounce Ball Chuckit!

Strong Dog Rubber Bounce Ball Chuckit!

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Strong Dog Rubber Bounce Ball

A Chuckit! Ultra Ball is perfect for small and medium dog breeds. 

This rubber bounce ball is made from a strong rubber construction and designed for an enjoyable chew after catching! 

Dogs love a chewy bounce ball. 

Keep your dog active and entertained chasing, catching or retrieving this strong rubber bounce ball. The textured outside of this ball is designed to be comfortable in the dog's mouth for catching and chewing.

Unlike regular tennis balls, the strong rubber construction gives these balls a longer lifetime for chomping on!. They can also be washed of dirt and drool and do not end up gross and smelly like a tennis ball.

Bright orange in colour they are easy to see and retrieve at the dog park. They are available in three sizes to fit most ball throwers.

The fun dog ball floats in water so it is excellent to play with your dog in and around water.

Rocky and Woodie love these balls for a game of catch, chewing or a good tug-of-war.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery

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