Which Dog Jogging Belt is right for you?

Which Dog Jogging Belt is right for you?

Maybe lockdown is over for you and you need to get out jogging with your dog, or you are trying to get your body summer ready. Exercising with your dog is a great way to improve your fitness and is beneficial for both you and your dog.

We offer two different dog jogging belt products and now with over 6months of testing and customer feedback, it is clear that each dog jogging belt is better for a particular dog owner.  So what have we learned and which Jogging Belt is best for you and your dog's needs?

If you have a large breed, a very active dog, or you are a serious runner, the Dog Jogging Belt is the best option for you and your dog.  The dog jogging belt has a minimalist belt that is lite but very secure around your waist. 

dog jogging leash belt with D rings dnap lock buckle

It has two large D rings to connect the bungee leash.  These are substantial, and give you confidence that your large dog or very active dog will remain attached via the bungee leash.   The bungee leash ensures your doggo has the flexibility to run a little ahead or behind you and sudden changes of direction will not pull you off balance. The handles built into the bungee leash allow you to control your dog when not running or for extra security.


The dog jogging belt leash is built for practicality and convenience. This is great for casually walking your dog, or lite jogging. How great is it to have a coffee in hand while walking your doggo, or having your hands free to secure your child while the family is out on an adventure?

The dog jogging belt is a perfect storage solution when you are out in your fitness/gym clothes as it gives you secure pockets for all of your main items; phone, headphones, credit card, etc.  

dog jogging belt leash handy pockets mobile phone headphones credit card handsfree dog walking

The bungee leash is connected via the same style of snap lock buckle that secures the belt around your waist. We did a detailed review of this solution a few months back that you can read here.

 hands free dog walking with coffee and mobile phone  jogging belt leash


Both of these solutions are exciting new lifestyle innovations that provide you and your doggo more flexibility and comfort while you are out having fun together. The key selection criteria depends on the size of your dog and the level of activity versus convenience that you require.


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