Review of the Jogging Leash Belt for Dogs

Review of the Jogging Leash Belt for Dogs

If you enjoying jogging, combining this with exercising your dog can be a really enjoyable form of exercise for both you and your doggo. The challenge has been that doggos sometimes want to accelerate at a pace faster than you are comfortable with and holding a leash can inhibit your jogging motion.  The jogging leash belt for dogs aims to solve these challenges and get you out having fun running, jogging or comfortably walking with your dog.

First Impressions

We tested an orange version of the dog jogging leash belt. It is bright and enhances your visibility with a reflective strip made from polyester but has the feel and texture more of a neoprene wetsuit style material. The strap and snap lock fasteners are strong and easy to use.

The belt and leash come in two distinct pieces as shown below, so that the belt and leash can be used seperately as desired rather than connected together.


The belt has been well thought out. It has a generous phone zipper pocket with an eyelet for wired headphones.  It also has a small velcro pocket for keys or coins and another small utility pocket. 


The bungy style dog leash has plenty of give for a sudden acceleration by your dog.


The Testing

First up, a confession, we are not serious runners. We will run around a dog park but are not hitting the pavement with our doggos. There may be some features or intricacies for a serious runner that we have missed.

Tester Woody tested this product with me. At over 30Kgs he has enough momentum to give you issues if he suddenly took off, changed direction, or just testing the strength of the buckle/connectors.

I attached the leash to the belt using the snap-lock fitting, and off we ran, performing a combination of lite jogging and some sprinting.

Overall the jogging leash belt was great! There is a lot of adjustment in the belt to get the right fit for your waist size. It was comfortable around the waist and had sufficient pockets for a large Samsung or Apple iphone. 

The snap-lock clips are standard on a lot of backpacks and strapping solutions and were very secure. At no stage did I think the dog leash would detach or the belt would come off. 

The jogging bungy style dog leash has a lot of give, so when either of us changed pace and was ahead of the other, you are not suddenly pulled in the direction or, worse pulled over. In saying this, the leash was short enough to quickly regain control ie when needing to stop and wait at a crossing.

What I did find was that the belt was more comfortable adjusted a little off centre. With the connector located on the right hand side of the belt, if Woody moved quickly to the left, there was some concern of being tangled in the dog leash. This minor adjustment made it more comfortable.

The dog leash is easily removed from the belt and had its own snap-lock connector to form a lead handle to use it independently. This would be handy if you are walking in a congested area and need a bit more control.

Outside of running, this is also a good solution for busy lifestyles. It gives you both hands free to perhaps wrangle a child and morning coffee when taking your dog for a walk. The belt is also an excellent option to complement a lot of gym gear that does not have pockets, giving you somewhere for your phone and keys while exercising with your doggo.



  • Comfortable and secure to run with your dog
  • Your running style is unencumbered while keeping your doggo secure.
  • Strong snap-lock connectors
  • Useful pocket options in the belt for most common items
  • The dog leash can be used independently of the belt providing more flexibility.
  • Great solution for hands-free dog walking ie while holding a coffee or a phone.


  • The Leash snap-lock connector placement on one side can cause discomfort if your doggo moves across your path to the opposite side.
  • Not suitable for large very active dogs (real runners)

Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

The dog jogging leash belt is a great option for someone who wants to enjoy exercising with their doggo, or wants to be hands-free while jogging with their dog or dog walking.


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