Review of the Car Seat Hammock

Review of the Car Seat Hammock


Review of the Car Seat Hammock

The car seat hammock is an unusual new take on a car seat cover to protect your car while transporting your doggo. It promises convenience and comfort for your doggo. We had to run it through its paces with our testers.

First Impressions

The hammock comes in minimalist packaging, folded up as a neat square package. It has a very small and straight forward instruction sheet included.

Once opened the hammock folds out easily. It has two sets of fasteners at either end and two velcro openings approximately one third of the way down.


The Testing

The only real way to test this product is to see how easy it is to install and see how a doggo responds to it.

We chose a standard Kia hatchback as our test vehicle and Rocky as our test subject.

The following video shows the installation process during our test. 

The hammock was installed within minutes. The fasteners quickly attach around the cars headrests.


The velcro inserts are a welcome feature to allow quick access to the car's seat belts.  I carry a seatbelt harness attachment in this car, so it is perfect for this situation.

All of Rocky's hair was contained within the hammock which in addition to its portability and ease of use, is it's key feature.

The hammock has a zipper in the center to allow use in a single seat situation or to navigate and unusual car interior.

Rocky took to the hammock instantly. It captures any hair and mess but also allowed her to see the driver and out the windows. key to her comfort and trust.

This is also a good option if you occasionally need to carry items in your back seat. 



  • Very small and portable. Easily stored in the car.
  • Hammock design captures all dog hair and mess.
  • Velcro inserts allow most seatbelt based harness attachments to be used
  • The doggo still has good visibility of the driver and windows.
  • Functional and sturdy.
  • Value for money.


  • Not the prettiest accessory, very minimalist and functional.

Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

The car seat hammock is a convenient accessory for the car to allow spontaneous or permanent use for transporting your doggo.


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