Car Seat Hammock

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Waterproof Back Seat Car Cover

You love travelling with your doggo and going on outings to the park, beach or on vacation.  Keep your car clean and your doggo comfortable with this car back seat cover/hammock.

happy dog in car hammock smiling

This cover is very easy to install. Simply unfold the cover and place it across the back seat. Secure it using the adjustable straps around the car's headrests. Pull through the seat belts and tuck in the sides.

The non-slip backing and adjustable straps allow a secure fit so that it does not move while pets or people are on it. It also makes it easier for your pet to jump on and off the seat without the cover sliding out from under them.

This cover will protect your car from dog hair, drool, dust, mud and dirt. Made from polyester with a waterproof coating this cover is easily wiped down for cleaning or machine washable.

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The cover is Approx. 132 x 142cm / 51.9 x 55.9inch.

Please allow 2-3weeks for delivery


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