Review of the 3in1 Dog Water Bottle

Review of the 3in1 Dog Water Bottle


When I saw this 3in1 Water Bottle I knew I needed to check it out. This bottle promises convenience incorporating a traditional water bottle, a food container, and a poop bag dispenser. It is a stylish solution available in a wide variety of colours.Given the traditional dog water bottle has been one of our most popular products for years, I could not resist running this upgrade through its paces.

Unboxing the 3in1 Dog Water Bottle

Our package contained the 3in1 Dog Water Bottle packaged in a simple cardboard box. It is available in a range of colors. Our testing unit was "indigo".. The bottle he product was ready to use straight out of the box (lanyard was already attached).

Construction and Design

The 3in1 dog water bottle features a standard wide trough water bottle, a detachable food container that fits snuggly in the water bottles trough, and waste bag dispenser built into the water compartment.. It is made from food grade plastic. The water bottle features an upgraded lockable water flow button to prevent leaks and spills.

The integrated food container keeps treats fresh, while the waste bag compartment ensures you’re always prepared for clean-ups. The product’s ergonomics are impressive, providing ease of use during walks, hikes, or any travel.

Functionality Meets Convenience

The primary aim of the 3in1 Dog Water Bottle is to provide a hassle-free experience while ensuring your doggo stays hydrated and fed, with easy clean-up options on the go. The lockable dispense button and leak-proof design mean you can carry it in your bag without worrying about messes.

The ease of assembling and disassembling the parts ensures thorough cleaning, promoting hygiene and health. Its compactness does not compromise its capacity, making it ideal for both short walks and travelling with your doggo. The food compartment hold 100 ml and the water compartment is approx 300ml.

The Doggo Verdict

The 3in1 Dog Water Bottle is a game-changer for conveniently carry a doggo's essentials while travelling or on short excursions. The convenience of having water, food, and waste bags in one compact bottle is a terrific innovation. Woody and Rocky our testers, are very used to drinking from this style of water bottle so it is really more about the convenience for the dog owner have the convenience of having treats and poop bags all in the one bottle solution.


  • Conveniently carry water, treats/food and poop bags in one solution rather than 3 seperate accessories
  • Great size for an excursion or day trip for small to medium dogs.
  • Flexibility to not take the food container if just going for a quick walk.
  • Integrated poop bags ensures you do not forget them.


  • Not enough water (if not in a location to be refilled) for a large dog or multiple dogs.

Final Verdict - It's Dog Approved! 🐾

The 3in1 Dog Water Bottle stands out as a must-have for dog owners. It brilliantly combines practicality with convenience, addressing multiple needs in one sleek design. Whether for daily walks or adventurous outings, it ensures your doggo's hydration, nourishment, and cleanliness are effortlessly managed. 

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