Dog with two dog water bottles including one extendable water bottle

Which water bottle is right for your Doggo?

A dog water bottle is becoming a more common health accessory for Australian dog owners. As we approach the warm weather or times of high humidity, a dog water bottle provides the convenience of ensuring you can keep your dog hydrated. It also provides flexibility if an outing extends, when everyone is having a great day.

A headache for dog owners has been having portable water for their dog. Human containers have always resulted in a lot of mess and water waste.  Enter the dog water bottle!

We have two different types of Dog Bottle that are Dog Approved, so which one is best for your dog?

The original Dog Water Bottle

The original Dog Water Bottle was a revolution for dog owners. It has a broad trough that makes it easy for all breeds to use. It comes in two sizes 350ml and 550ml.

Dog water bottle 350ml

Additionally, the silicone seal and lock button ensure no water leaks. Once the lock button is opened the owner can release water into the trough using the large central button. The trough is wide and deep and is perfect as a water dispenser for most dog breeds. 

This bottle is light and portable (approx 200gms) and can be carried easily in a small bag or via the wrist strap. The construction is very strong and feels substantial in its design. In all of our testing and use, it takes a beating.


The Extendable Dog Water Bottle

This water bottle has a very unique feature - the trough slides in and out from around the bottles water container.  The extendable trough makes this bottle very portable, folding down to approx the size of a soft drink can. Given this compact format, this bottle will fit in a standard water bottle holder in a backpack or into a standard cup holder.

This bottle optionally has an internal water filter.  This is great if you are filling this with an unknown water source on the go, or do not have access to filtered water for your doggo. This bottle is very light yet strong. It happily took an impromptu drop test doing our recent photoshoot with Woody.

dog with two water bottles one is falling to the ground

 The Comparision

Original   Extendable
Capacity 350/550ml 300ml
Height 208mm 188mm / 270mm (extended)
Width 74mm 64mm
Filter None Activated Carbon (sold separately)
No Spill Lock Yes Yes


comparison of original dog water bottle and the extendable dog water bottle

Outside of these specifications, the big difference is the trough style.  The original dog water bottle has a wide deep trough while the Extendable Bottle design is longer but more narrow. The extendable bottle's trough due to its design will not be a good choice for dogs with a small snout such as bulldogs, boxers etc. The original bottle's wider trough is suited to a greater range of dogs

Final Verdict

Both bottles are Dog Approved. The extendable bottle is a better option where portability and taking the least amount of space is important. The only caveat is that it is not great for small snout breeds. The original dog water bottle is the best all-round choice. It is the one we use for our own dog testers. The larger volume 550ml version is a good choice if you are regularly out with multiple dogs. 

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