Review of the Woof Glider

Review of the Woof Glider

The Woof Glider looked like an exciting dog toy. It promises to be a soft and safe indoor toy for dogs. 

First Impressions

The packaging of this toy looked very premium and professional. Lots of pictures of happy dogs enjoying playing with the brightly coloured Woof Glider and some encouraging features explained.  On removing the Woof Glider is a solid toy made from robust-looking plastic. It is bright yellow with a swirling pattern on a toy with a flat non-friction base

The Testing

For the testing, we used the standard Woof Glider. The idea of the toy is to slide it along the floor to encourage your dog to pounce on it, causing it to squeak, thus rewarding and further stimulating the dog.  Unfortunately the unit we had quickly separated the yellow top from the white base.

Reassembled the glider does slide well across both carpet and tiles. It is relatively easy to get it to squeak with little pressure applied to the yellow top.

In our testing, our testers were not interested in pushing on the toy and quickly disassembled it. StaffyX jaws are too formidable for the top of this toy if it does come off. 



  • Bright and exciting with the squeak feature.
  • Slides smoothly across a variety of indoor surfaces
  • Easy to clean.


  • Requires training to use it properly. Your dog needs to enjoy pouncing to get the most enjoyment out of this toy
  • If the top comes off the base, the top is venerable to chewing which damages its function.


Final Verdict - it is NOT Dog Approved 

The Woof Glider appears to be a fun toy for smaller breeds that have some training or a tendency to pounce. In our opinion, this is not a general toy for most breeds. Would be fun for the dog with the right training and temperament.

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