Review of the Dual Dog Storage Basket

Review of the Dual Dog Storage Basket

We are on the lookout for interesting products for dog owners that make dog ownership easier and fun. A lot of our customers enjoy our personalised product range that has been curated to provide a number of solutions to common dog owner needs that are customised with their doggos's name.  This new dual dog storage basket is an opportunity to organise and store a greater volume of a doggo's things. We took a detailed look at this product in the past month.

For our review and trial, we ordered the large option in grey (There is also a brown option). The basket arrived as a flat pack in a small amount of plastic packaging. 

dog storage box in package as delivered


Inside the package there is a floor for the basket and a central divider. The floor is inserted flat and gives the basket some structure. The divider is secured by velcro strips. 

inserting central divider and floor into the dog storage basket

The dual lid system is sewn into the back of the basket and has a lip that comes across the front of the basket that is secured by a small velcro strip.

The personalisation (the doggo's name) is printed between the basket lid lip and the front handle. There is a 20 character limit on the larger version of the basket, 10 characters on the smaller option.  From our experience with our toy basket range, 20 characters are generally enough for two common doggo's names or a label like "Doggo Toys" that we had printed on our review sample.

dog storage box fully assembled sitting on a kitchen table

Some key observations on the dog storage basket are:

It is a good-sized storage box for a doggo or two dogs. Although it is very lite, it is strong enough to store a good collection of clothes and toys or a combination of both. 

It provides a larger option with a lid than the toy baskets currently popular with our customers.




  • Attractive and practical
  • The lids keep nosey doggo's out and makes this easy for stacking in a cupboard.
  • The divider allows the organisation of a doggo's thing eg clothes on the left, and toys on the right.
  • Two sizes provide a suitable option for most doggo's households.


  • Only available in two colours.
  • Not waterproof so ideally, wet or heavily drooled toys will need to be wiped before putting them away in this basket.

    Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

    The dog storage basket is an attractive and practical accessory to organise and store a range of doggo's possessions.

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