Review of the Dog Training Treat Bag

Review of the Dog Training Treat Bag


Dog Training treat bags have been around forever! They signal to your dog it is "go time" and depending on the model, they give you a handy way to carry all your dog walking essentials.  We put one of the more popular versions through the Dog Approved test yard.

First Impressions

Out of the packaging, the treat bag looks very functional.  It has a canvas style outer layer, a deep central pocket for treats and several zippered side pockets (for small valuables and poop bags). We tested the blue/grey coloured bag. This does look like a well thought out dog treat training pouch

The Testing

It is a dog treat and training bag, so dog walking and running are the key activities you would expect to do with this bag. 

Loading up the bag.

The dog poop bag pocket has a zip to keep the bags secure, and a handy dispenser hole in the side to release one bag at a time.

dog training treat bag poop bag dispenser view dog approved co

Standard dog poop bag rolls fitted easily and were dispensed smoothly from the pocket.

Dog Treat Compartment

The dog treat compartment is the majority of the bag's volume. It is a deep lined pocket/pouch with a drawstring to secure the top.  The benefit of the drawstring is that you can tighten the top so that your hand/fingers can access dog treats and rewards, but the treats will not fall out while you are walking or running with your doggo. 

dog treat and training back central treat pocket dog approved co

The dog treat pouch is very generous. There is the ability to hold way too many treats than your doggo needs :)

Utility Compartment

This compartment is a great size to hold some cash or in the current times more likely a credit card. It is also handy for a small phone, earbuds or other small personal items. This is great for dog owners wearing activewear or clothing with a lack of products.This design allows you to store your essentials for a hands-free dog walking experience. Note: modern large-format smartphones like the iPhone 11, fit in the pocket's width but extend out so that the lid cannot be closed. 

Wearing The Bag

At the top of the bag is a large clip. It is an ideal size to be secured to a belt, or in the top of a pair of shorts or jeans. With this clip attached, the bag is secure enough for walking.

athletic woman demonstrating secure clip on dog treat training bag in athleticwear dog approved co

The optional waist strap is great to secure the bag for running around with your dog. It is easily threaded through the belt loop on the back of the bag. It has a standard snap lock and adjustment system to ensure a secure fit around your waist. 

athletic woman demonstrating snap lock fastener on dog treat training bag dog approved co



  • Convenient to carry all the essentials in one functional bag
  • Secure for walking and running with your doggo
  • Large treat compartment is big enough for multiple dogs.
  • Signals to your do it is "go time"
  • Functional and sturdy
  • Hands-free dog walking or running


  • Utility pocket does not fit large format smartphones.

Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

The Training Treat Bag is a convenient accessory to carry all the things you need for doggo, particularly if you are heading out in activewear or clothes with limited pockets.

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