Review of the Slow Feed Bowl

Review of the Slow Feed Bowl

Review of the Slow Feed Dog Bowl 

Our tester Rocky gulps her food down at an alarming rate. This is not good for any dog as it can lead to a range of health problems. When we saw various ranges of "slow feed bowls" to address this, we had to put one to the test.


First Impressions

This packaging is minimalist but professional. The packaging basically covers the dimensions of the bowl.  After opening the packaging and removing the bowl, it is lite and sturdy. The plastic is sleek and the unique spiral pattern makes the bowl very interesting and tidy. Available in a range of modern colours the slow feed bowl will not look out of place in most households. We tested the "blue", which is actually more of a grey blue.


The Testing

For our trial we chose the night meal. To fit into the spiral design the dog roll needed to be cut into small pieces. The usual portion was plenty to sprinkle/spread through the bowl. 

For Rocky, as you can see in the video above, there was no hesitation to the new slow feed bowl (her usual bowl is a standard plain stainless steel bowl).  You will see in the video this does challenge her to work to get the food out of the various segments of the bowl shape slowing her down. 

is it significant? It definitely had an impact on her pace of eating. It took her an extra 30 seconds to complete her evening meal compared to the previous few night. Slowing your dog down is important to avoid a range of health issues. I do think this will have better results to a younger pup in training rather then trying to significantly change behaviour of an older dog.




  • It slows the dogs eating due to the unique shape.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Attractive design and colours to suit most homes.
  • Useful for training a pup or younger dog.


  • The slower eating effect is probably not as significant for an older dog


Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

The Slow Feed Bowl is a quality bowl that does slow down the dog eating due to its unique shape. It is strong and attractive and would suit most homes.

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