Review of the Santa Sleigh Costume

Review of the Santa Sleigh Costume

Review of the Santa Sleigh Dog Costume

Christmas is a fun time for all of the family and your doggo should be part of the fun. Last year this costume was a viral sensation with Facebook videos of the Bulldog running around with Santa on his back being very popular in many people's feeds. We decided to take an in-depth look at this costume.


First Impressions

The Santa Sleigh costume arrived in a small box protected in a clear plastic bag. On removing the costume and straightening it out, the Santa doll looks premium.  A lot of detail has gone into the face and features, including the gold rim glasses and rosy cheeks. The costume itself is plush and has a premium look to it.


The Testing

We tested a large costume for our tester Woody. The costume has one front leg hole, a velcro strap across the dog's chest and a velcro strap across the dog's centre. The hood with attached cloth antlers is designed to go across the top of the dog's head.



The costume is comfortable and secure for the Dog. The velcro straps hold the costume firmly in place. You can see in the video below, the costume is very secure when the dog is running, giving the impression that Santa is riding his "dog reindeer". 



This is a lovely costume that will bring some fun to the holiday season. It is also perfect for creating some unique Christmas family photos with your doggo.




  • A quality dog costume
  • Securely fits the dog with multiple velcro straps


  • N/A.

Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

The Santa Sleigh costume is a quality seasonal outfit for your doggo. Great for fun photos and videos to include your doggo in the celebrations and bring a smile to everyone!


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