Review of the Roll-Up Travel Bowls

Review of the Roll-Up Travel Bowls

Travelling with your doggo can be an enjoyable and equally frustrating experience. With a lot of Aussies hitting the road to camping grounds for holidays or experiencing van life, there are a lot of things to pack and remember. Efficient accessories for making your doggo's experience positive are essential. Our customers have given us a lot of positive feedback for the large collapsible travel bowl we have stocked for a long time, due to its convenience and simplicity.  When we discovered this new Roll-Up Travel Bowl that has a dual bowl format and the ability to roll up to the size of a small umbrella, we had to take a more detailed look. 

For our review and trial, we ordered a blue one. There are no other product options except for colour. It arrived in simple packaging in its nylon carry case.

size comparison of the roll up travel bowl in protective nylon cover to a standard pen

Rolled up in its protective cover it is roughly the same size as a portable umbrella that you would carry in a handbag or backpack. It is compared above to a standard black pen. When removed from the cover you can see the "roll" secured by a small clip.

roll up travel bowl closed beside cover

Opening the roll-up travel bowl reveals the two bowls. Having been rolled up for some time, the roll needed a roll in the opposite direction to better take its shape. Each "bowl" has a capacity of 600ml, plenty for water or a good meal. They look flimsy to accommodate the roll-up design, but from our tests held water and kibble well on a flat surface like this deck shot.

roll up travel bowl filled with kibble and water on wet deck

On a more uneven surface like the long grass below, the bowls are less stable but still suitable for your doggo to retrieve their dinner, like Woody is demonstrating here. 

"Woody" eating kibble from the roll-up travel bowl


Some key observations on the Roll-Up Travel Bowl are:

It is a very convenient size for travelling with your doggo both in terms of storage and holding enough food and water for your doggo. A flat surface will be best for it to sit on, but being silicon it is easy to wash off and keep clean for storage. The design is handy as the area surrounding the bowls does work as a feeder mat to protect floorings.



  • Small size when rolled up for storage
  • Provides separate bowls for food and water, or to feed two small dogs simultaneously.
  • Easy to clean silicon construction
  • Acts as a feeder mat to protect floorings ( eg Air BnB or van floor)


  • Only available in two colours.
  • Not great for water on an uneven surface
  • May need a bit of rolling to take its shape if it has been stored rolled up for a long time.

Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

The Roll-Up Travel Bowl is a small and convenient feeding solution for travelling with your doggo.

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