Review of the Pet Fur Catcher

Review of the Pet Fur Catcher

Excess pet hair can be a big hassle for any pet owner. As owners of our two beautiful dogs, we live this challenge every day. We are always on the lookout for solutions to remove dog hair from clothes.

This pet fur catcher had good reviews but mixed application directions. Some described using them in the washing machine, others in the dryer, some by hand. We had to give it a go.

First Impressions

The pet fur catcher comes in a pack of two in very minimalist packaging. The rubbery discs are very sticky and tacky to the touch.

The Testing

It is not hard in our house to find a teen's jumper covered in dog hair for this test! Here it is pre test in all it's hairy glory! This is a tough test.


We used an upright washing machine and matching dryer for this test. Before the test, the filters of the washer and dryer were cleaned.The fresh green fur catcher was put into the washing machine with this test jumper for a standard wash.

The result was not good! Still plenty of hair still left on the jumper.  The green pet fur catcher was however clean and shiny! Given the hair is supposed to come of the hair remover in water I had my doubts on the washing machine.

Next, off to the dryer. Onto a standard cycle with the second orange pet fur catcher.

A standard cycle for jumpers was run.  Unfortunately the result was better, but still similar. The fur catcher did not have much hair stuck. 



  • As a manual hair remover, works effectively to take off some incidental hair.
  • Simple and easy to store and use.


  • Does not remove large amounts of hair
  • Does not appear to work in an upright washing machine or dryer.

Final Verdict - it is NOT Dog Approved 

The pet fur catcher is only useful for manually removing some incidental hair. A standard lint remover roll is probably just as effective.

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