Review of the Non-Splash Water Bowl

Review of the Non-Splash Water Bowl

There are many doggos that like to splash in their water bowl or generally are very messy drinkers. This can be a real problem for dog owners that need to have their doggo's water bowl inside. The non-splash water bowl is an interesting new design to mitigate these issues.

For our review I focused on a large white non-splash water bowl. This model is the 1.5L capacity. There are a range of colours available to suit most homes and two sizes; 1.5L and 1L. It arrived in simple, clear plastic packaging as shown below.

white non-splash dog water bowl in clear packaging

The non-splash water bowl consists of three pieces, The bowl, the floating plate and the border frame. 
white non-splash dog water bowl disassembled showing bowl, floating plate, frame

The bowl is very sturdy, with four non-slip rubber feet on the bowl.  The bowl is easily assembled. The floating plate sits inside the bowl and is secured by the frame.

The bowl works by the floating plate sitting on top of the water. The small opening in the middle of the floating plate allows water to flow on top of the plate when it is slightly depressed or accessed directly from the centre. If the doggo puts heavy pressure on the plate, e.g. hitting it with a paw, the pressure of the plate on the water stops splashing. It is an elegant and simple solution. You can see the effect in the video below where I am filling the bowl.


Our doggo testers are not big splashes but found the bowl easy to use and access water.

This provides an alternative solution to our popular personalised feeder mat.


woody the product tester drinking from the non-splash water bowl outside on a wooden deck



  • Stops splashing of water from the water bowl
  • Stops excessive "wet mouth" and subsequent drips from your doggo drinking.
  • Made from durable, BPA-free plastic.
  • Lightweight and easy to clean.
  • Portable. Handy to take when visiting or to an Airbnb travel scenario.


  • May take some initial training for your dog to use the bowl given the floating plate mechanism.

Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

The non-splash water bowl is a handy new accessory for dog owners to protect their floorings at home or when travelling.

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