Review of the Glowing Collar Pendant

Review of the Glowing Collar Pendant

As daylight savings has ended and many dog owners find themselves exercising their dogs in the dark or low light situations during Autumn and Winter, it is important for your and your dog's safety, to make sure you are visible. We are big fans of the LED Collars for this situation as they really enhance the visibility of your dog. We do understand that many dog owners have invested in some very stylish collars and harnesses and do not want to switch collars. This is where the clip on glowing collar pendant can be a solution for you.

First Impressions

The packaging is simple and straight forward.  The pendant is approx 5cm in length so suitable for most breeds.



 It has a built in stainless steel clip that easily attaches to a collar.  The back of the packaging has a simple description of the 2 operation modes for the light.

The Testing

We decided this was a test for Woody. He likes a good run in the dark and will go and sniff out anything on around a tree anywhere in the dog park.

We used the green version of the pendant. There is a range of 6 colours. As you can see below, the pendant was clipped to his collar along with his name tag.  It is small and light so he did not really notice or care about it.


At dark, off to the dog park we went. Our local park is a clear large circular oval with some lighting near the car park at night, but with many very dark areas.

The pendant was left in the solid light on mode achieved by squeezing it once. It was easily visible as Woody moved across the park off leash. The pendant claims visibility of the light from 1/2mile (approx 800m) away.  From our test, yes you can see the light from well across the park.

The pendant also has a "flashing" mode. This may be useful to attract attention when walking along the street, crossing roads etc.

The image below is a little exaggerated as it was taken with a mobile phone camera in low light, but the pendant does stand out well in low light.



  • Lite and simple to attach to an existing collar using the stainless steel clip
  • Visible from a reasonable distance eg crossing road, across the dog park
  • A flashing mode suitable for walking on streets & crossing roads
  • Water resistant


Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

The Collar Pendant Light is a convenient accessory to improve the safety of your doggo and yourself while out exercising in the dark. For those that want to keep using their existing collar, this is an effective option that can remain permanently attached to your doggo's collar and turned on when needed.

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