Review of the Dog Poop Bag Holder

Review of the Dog Poop Bag Holder

If you are like me, outside of picking up my doggo's poop, the only thing I hate more is walking around holding the full poop bag until I find a bin. When I saw the simple dog poop bag holder online, I immediately ordered a few to try out.

For our review and trial I focused on a green one. There are no other product options except for colour. It arrived in simple clear packaging.

close up of a green dog poop bag holder from

It is actually small, made from a thin plastic design. It is understandably very lite.

green dog poop bag holder on marble background

The single piece design, has a velcro strap at the top to attach this to your lead or wherever you want to attach your used poop bags to before disposal. The velcro is generous in size and will fit most leads, lead holders, etc.

Operation of this is very straight forward. You feed the knot in the top of your used poop bag through the top and pull it down into the neck of the holder.

From my testing it securely held two reasonably full and heavy poop bags easily. 

small beaglier at dog park on lead with dog poop holder with one full poop bag inserted

I have been using the dog poop waste bag holder on a variety of our leads for approximately 3 months now and the simple design of this accessory means it is still going strong like the first day.



  • Small and strong
  • Velcro attachment is very easy to attach to most leads or lead holders.
  • Surprisingly strong given the minimal design
  • Comfortably holds two full dog poop bags


  • On a long street walk, the two poop bag capacity might not been enough for high droppage breeds.

Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

The Poop Bag Holder solves one of the aspects of responsible dog ownership I hate the most!

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