Review of the Dog Pacifier

Review of the Dog Pacifier

There are a lot of photos across Instagram of a lot of smaller breeds, especially Frenchies with the Dog Pacifier. The images look cute, and it seems fun, but is this a good toy for your dog?

dog pacifier in clear packaging  dog approved co

First Impressions

The dog pacifier arrived in a minimalist clear package. On removing it, the first impression is it is very much as advertised. It is a soft rubber pacifier shaped toy. This rubber pacifier is a reasonably cheap toy (approx $10 ex shipping).  It contains a small bell, and the teet is textured to keep the fog interested.

The Testing

For the testing, we used a standard green dog pacifier as is. Rocky one of our regular testers is a Beaglier and is a very focused chewer, perfect for this toy. 

On inspection of the pacifier, I immediately hit an issue - the small bell. This toy is a vet emergency waiting to happen! I was able to squeeze the pacifier, and the bell came out without much resistance. In the case of a dog, this is a choking hazard.

bell in dog pacifier choking hazard for dogs dog approved co


Ok with the bell removed we offered the pacifier as is to Rocky.  It took a bot of encouragement, but once she was used to the texture, it received a good chew.

Attempt number 2 with the bell removed the cavity is excellent for some dry treats or a bit of a spread.  Used this way, the dog pacifier was a big winner.

beaglier with dog pacifier in mouth dog approved co

After approx 15m use, the dog pacifier end is destroyed.

broken dog pacifier destroyed dogapproved co 



  • Cheap
  • A good chew toy for small breeds/jaws (once bell removed)
  • A bit of fun for Instagram and a laugh


  • A choking hazard with the bell
  • Very limited life


Final Verdict - it is NOT Dog Approved. 

The Dog Pacifier is dangerous with the small bell. It was really easy to work the bell out of the pacifier. If you really wanted one, with the bell removed it was a cheap, durable toy for small breeds/jaws.

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