Review of the Dog Baseball Cap

Review of the Dog Baseball Cap

Doggo fashion has evolved, and one of the latest trends making waves in the canine world is the Dog Baseball Cap. In this review, we'll delve into this stylish yet functional accessory, ensuring you have all the insights you need before adding it to your doggo's wardrobe.

Unboxing the Dog Baseball Cap

The Dog Baseball Caps (we sampled a black and pink one in 2 sizes) arrived in minimal plastic satchel, showcasing the cap's design through clear plastic wrapping. The cap does not require any instructions as the product is perfectly designed for a doggos head.

Construction and Design

The Dog Baseball Cap comprises three key elements: the cap itself, two strategically placed ear holes, and an adjustable under-chin strap. It's constructed from high-quality canvas material, providing both durability and comfort. 

The ear holes offer a comfortable fit around your doggo's ears, eliminating discomfort and ensuring they can enjoy their cap without any fuss. The adjustable under-chin strap secures the cap firmly, preventing it from slipping off during playtime or outdoor activities. 

Rocky the beaglier at teh beach wearing a dog baseball cap from

Functionality Meets Style

While the Dog Baseball Cap undoubtedly adds flair to your doggo's ensemble, its primary purpose is to shield your doggo from the harsh Australian sun during Spring and Summer. The cap's brim provides protection for their eyes and head, allowing them to enjoy outdoor adventures without the worry of sun exposure.

woody the rescue lying down in the syn with his eyes shaded by the dog baseball capfrom


The Doggo Verdict

Our team of dog product testers, found the Dog Baseball Cap not only fashionable but also practical. While it may take a bit of training for your dog to get accustomed to this stylish accessory, the cap's innovative design and benefits far outweigh any initial hesitation. The ear holes work better for a log eared dog like Rocky our beaglier, but still staying in place during rigorous play at the beach on short eared Woody. This was primarily due to the adjustable chin strap.


  • Shields your doggo from the sun's harmful rays
  • Durable, made from high-quality canvas
  • Comfortable fit with adjustable under-chin strap
  • Multiple size options for all breeds
  • Perfect for Spring and Summer adventures


  • May require initial training for your dog to embrace the cap

Final Verdict - It's Dog Approved! 🐾

In summary, the Dog Baseball Cap is dog approved. It combines style, comfort, and sun protection, ensuring your doggo is ready to shine wherever they go.

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