Review of the Cross-Body Leash

Review of the Cross-Body Leash

There has been a lot of attention on various styles of cross-body dog leash on social media in the past 12 months. They range from very basic rope style models to more advanced options with adjustable loops and higher quality buckles. This week we take a look at one of the higher end models.

First Impressions

Right out of the box, the Cross-Body Dog Leash impressed with its sleek design and quality materials. Made from high-quality nylon braided rope and featuring heavy-duty alloy clasps, it promises durability and reliability. The reflective strips are a thoughtful touch, enhancing safety for those early morning or late evening walks.


Our Testing

To test the cross body dog leash we took our doggo testers on our favourite testing walk. It comprises of a grass park, bush walk traversing rocks and narrow trails, and then a flat walkway.  This variety of situations allows us to check the security, convenience and comfort of these type of products in a variety of regular dog walking situations.

What sets this leash apart is its versatility. It can function as a cross body leash or a standard single loop handle leash. This transition is accomplished via the simple clip mechanism and strategically placed metal connector loops. Clip in for cross body or unclip for the loop handle.

The cross-body design allows for hands-free operation, which means I can throw a ball, hold my coffee, or scroll through my phone without juggling a leash. The leash drapes comfortably across the body, providing a snug fit that doesn't slip or slide, even with a lively doggo pulling on the other end.

Switching from cross-body to a standard loop leash is straight forward, thanks to the built-in loop handle. This feature is particularly useful in crowded or high-traffic areas where you may need more control over your doggo. 

At 1m in length in the cross-body format, a large strong doggo like our tester Woody, has room to explore but is close enough and under control to navigate bush trails, some rock hopping and complex trails. The handsfree design makes it easy for me to balance, climb and navigate these more complex situations. 

On a more gentle pathway or park environment, I would comfortably operate a mobile phone and enjoy a water bottle while walking a doggo. The 360-degree anti-tangle hook is another highlight, ensuring the leash moves with the doggo's explorations without becoming a twisted mess.


In the more traditional loop handle format the lead is 2.1m.

Overall Experience

The Cross-Body Dog Leash is a versatile option for most dog walking activities. It is comfortable in most popular dog walking scenarios and still allows the mix of freedom for the doggo to explore, while giving the owner adequate control. The only warning I would have on this style of leash is to remind you you that when it is in the cross body format you are attached to your doggo. If you are particularly small or petite and have a large powerful doggo, this may not be the right option for you, as you cannot just let go of the lead if your doggo unexpectedly takes off! 


If you're looking for a leash that provides freedom, functionality, and fun, the Cross-Body Dog Leash is worth considering. Whether you’re an urban adventurer or a trail trekker, this leash adapts to your lifestyle and lets you and your doggo enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest.


  • Suitable for most common dog walking scenarios
  • Great size for most dog sizes and breeds.
  • Can transform to a standard handle lead quickly if needed.
  • Strong thoughtful construction.


  • In the cross body format there is no quick release.

Final Verdict - It's Dog Approved! 🐾

The cross-body dog leash is a versatile, fun leash option to enjoy exercising with your doggo.

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