Review of the Chase 'N Chomp Squeaker Ball

Review of the Chase 'N Chomp Squeaker Ball

Chase 'N Chomp Squeaker Ball

We have been on the lookout for a quality and cost-effective ball that will suit and last with everyday activities for most breeds. The new Chomp ‘N Chase Squeaker ball may just be it!

First Impressions

This is an excellent solid ball.  It has a very unusual textured exterior that helps teeth and gums as well as given a level of random bounce during play.  It takes a bit of force to activate the squeaker, and it provides a satisfying loud squeaking sound. The packaging is simple but looks very professional.  We trailed both a large red and medium blue ball for our tests.

The Testing

For our trials, we used the large red ball with Woody and the medium blue ball with Rocky

Our first test was to squeeze the ball to see the dogs reaction to the squeaking sound. Both give a loud arousing sound that quickly got the attention and interest from both dogs.

Next test was a bit of catch and retrieval play in the Dog Approved yard. The balls bounce nice and high, and given their bright colours are easy to spot and retrieve if they get away from the dog.  The textured exterior ensures a good chew and chomp on the way back from the dog. See the video below for an example. 


To test the strength of the ball, we did some substantial play across a few days. We always enjoy the tug of war test, as shown in the photo below. Those StaffyX jaws have some tremendous strength and crushing power.

Next, it was pool time!  The balls float well, and with their bright colours are easy to spot and retrieve.

This ball was used approximately daily for one month.  The squeaker did fail in the red ball on day two. Otherwise, this is a tough ball that will become a regular part of our play kit.

The balls can be bought individually as well in two ball packs.



  • Very durable. An excellent ball for chewing and play
  • Good strong bounce. The textured outside gives some random direction on flat hard surfaces
  • Floats well for play in the water
  • Squeaker is loud and arousing.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Squeaker died on day two.


Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

The Chase 'N Chomp Squeaker ball is a quality ball that is tough and enjoyable for most breeds.

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