Review of the Chase N Chomp Go Ring

Review of the Chase N Chomp Go Ring

Review of the Chase 'N Chomp Go Ring

At Dog Approved Co we are always on the lookout for quality pool toys. Being based in Sydney, more than half our year is spent in and around the water. Woody in particular loves playing in the water.  The floating frisbee with inbuilt handles is our top water toy to date, but the Chase 'N Chomp Go Ring looked really interesting as a potential addition to our store.


First Impressions

We tested the Large Red Ring as this look the right size for Woody's Staffy X jaws.  It is 18cm in diameter (the medium is 15cm, small 12cm).  It is simply packed with a twist tie attaching it to the simple cardboard branding. Made from a special ruberised foam it has some weight to it and looks strong and robust. Pushing into the ring with your thumb you can feel that it is soft but the foam instantly regains its shape. You can see the textured design will be interesting and satisfying for the dog.


The Testing

We are looking at this as a potential durable water toy so we went straight to the pool. The ring is easy to hold and accurately throw frisbee style to your desired location in the pool.  It floats high in the water and with the bright colours is easily identified in the water.  Woody was sent in (try and hold him back) for many retrievals as you can see in the video below. 


One of the features of the ring design for dogs like Woody with a longer snout, is that it is easily clasped in the dog's mouth but there is no obstruction to the dog's breathing as the dog swims back to the side. Some of the more traditional frisbees press up against the dog's nose or are awkwardly clamped in the dog's mouth collecting water.

Back on land it is time to test the strength of the ring with our tug of war test. This is one of our favourite games and quickly highlights any weakness in a toy given Woody's jaw strength and pulling power. 

As you can see from the video above, the ring is very robust and although it has a bit of flexibility, the thickness of the ring allows you to play games like this confidently.

This is fun for the owner, but any toy like this has to be satisfying in the dog's mouth for a good chew and chomp. Turn the sound up and watch the torture Woody puts this ring through in the video below. 

It certainly is a satisfying chew!  The video shows the outside of the ring is sustaining tooth mark impressions but overall is holding up to this punishment.

This is an excellent toy on land as well. Using it in frisbee style or rolling along the ground for retrieval, or playing a game of tug of war, this is a solid option.

With regular use this toy lasted approx 3months before the ring eventually failed under Woody's extreme chewing.




  • A strong and robust toy that can handle powerful jaws 
  • Highly visible and buoyant as a water toy
  • Versatile for a variety of different forms of play on land and in the water.


  • N/A.

Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

The Go Ring is a quality toy for doggos. An excellent option to play on land, but it comes into its own as a quality water toy.






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