Review Floating Rubber Dog Frisbee with Handles - Water Toy

Review Floating Rubber Dog Frisbee with Handles - Water Toy

It is a hot Australian summer and that time of year that your doggo may be spending more time in the water. It may be down at the beach, in the back yard pool or even the local river or dam.  If your dog is like ours they love the water, but with Woody's big jaws, a few chomps can destroy expensive water toys and end the fun pretty quickly. We hoped this strong rubber dog frisbee might be the answer.


First Impressions

The floating rubber frisbee with handles comes in very minimalist packaging - a clear plastic bag. Once opened the green frisbee is very light but feels surprisingly strong.

Green Floating Rubber frisbee top and side view dog approved co

The dog frisbee is approx 2cm thick of solid rubber so it does actually have a bit of weight and a durable feel to it. Holding onto both of the moulded handles and pulling outwards there is very little "give" in the design so this is a solid but given its rubber construction is still soft, unlike the more solid plastic dog disc alternatives.

top view of green floating frisbee with handles dog approved co


The Testing

There is a decent-sized pool in the Dog Approved Yard so off Woody (our primary tester for water toys and chomping) and I went to put the floating dog frisbee with handles through its paces.

So the initial test you can see in the video above was to throw the dog frisbee in the pool, check the dog can locate and retrieve the frisbee from the pool. Good news, despite the weightiness of the frisbee it floats. The size and lime green colouring also made it pretty easy for the dog and thrower to identify in the water. The handles also make it easy for the dog to retrieve from the water with extra areas to latch onto. 

Test 2 is the Tug of War test. Who does not like a good game of tug of war with a medium to large-sized doggo? See the video below. In this test, I am in the pool holding one handle of the dog frisbee. Woody is on the edge of the pool and is encouraged to grab the other handle to play tug of war. The battle starts with the dog frisbee withstanding some serious forces here. The human eventually wins pulling Woody into the pool still holding the frisbee (fyi the human cheated using his leg against the pool war to pull this strong doggo in).

Woody loves the rubber construction and will sit there chewing this toy for some time. The soft but strong rubber construction gives a really satisfying chomping experience

If you follow our account on Instagram or Woody's account you will have seen this has been a favourite water toy and had several months of testing. So here is the frisbee with handles after a solid two months.

floating rubber frisbee with handles after 2 months play with bite and teeth marks

It has performed very well. Lots of teeth marks tell the story of a favourite toy that has been played within the yard and pool nearly almost every day. You can see one handle has eventually broken after countless games of tug of war and chewing.



  • Floats well in water, even over time with lots of piercings
  • Strong construction perfect for medium or larger dogs
  • Bright colour makes it easy to find on land or in water
  • Weightiness allows good directional throwing of the frisbee even in windy conditions
  • Moulded handles are great for tug of war or carrying the frisbee.


  • Like all larger dog water toys, nothing last forever. This degraded (broken handle) after 2 months of continuous use. 
  • Only one colour option, its green.


Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

We really like the floating rubber frisbee with handles. It is tough to get reasonably priced water toys for dogs that last and provide fun for doggos and owners. This dog frisbee is a great option for owners of medium to larger breeds who want a quality dog frisbee or dog disc.



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