Review of the Dog Paw Cleaner

Review of the Dog Paw Cleaner

Winter brings us more wet days which for our doggos means muddy or dirty paws. It can be a real chore to keep the car and house clean while making sure your best friend gets their essential exercise. We were thrilled to come across the Dog Paw Cleaner to remedy this situation!


First Impressions
The Dog Paw Cleaner comes in a small rectangular box with some basic instructions. It comes assembled but consists of three pieces; the cup, the top and the bristled membrane.  The plastic cup and top are made from tough plastic and are durable.
dog paw cleaner dog approved co
The dog paw cleaner is very light and portable. It would be very easy to put in the car or keep near the door. 
Dog paw cleaner pieces disassembled top cup membrane
The Testing
It did not take too long on the wet lawn to get Woody's paws dirty.  The advantage of our head tester being a medium-sized white doggo.
I put a small amount of our favourite dog shampoo into the cup and half-filled it with cold water. Woody was asked to sit and then we massaged each paw in and out of the dog paw cleaner.
Each paw came out nice and clean. I discovered it best to have a towel handy to dry each paw after washing!  This would also work well with sandy paws from the beach or dam.
The dog paw cleaner separates easily into its three pieces for cleaning in fresh water




  • Tough and durable plastic design
  • Portable, easily stored in a car or near the door to the house
  • Easy to use and not stressful for the dog
  • Come apart for easy cleaning after use


  • Struggling for a downside on this one! Always have a towel handy to dry each paw after washing. 


Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

We really like the Dog Paw Cleaner. For active dogs that are out in wet, muddy, or sandy conditions this is perfect to keep your doggo's paws clean (and the house).

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