Protecting Your Dog in the Bushfire Smoke impacting our Australian cities

Protecting Your Dog in the Bushfire Smoke impacting our Australian cities

It has been a dreadful bushfire season in Australia this year with an unprecedented scale of bushfires that are still impacting most States.

Despite the best efforts of our Rural Fire Service and the multitude of brave volunteers fighting the fires this season, there have been millions of hectares burnt and still burning. This has driven unusual poor air quality in some of our major cities such as Sydney which made international news headlines

sydney harbour sydney opera house clouded in bushfire smoke december 2019


With all of this smoke and the resulting poor air quality driving people to wear face/breathing masks in the major cities to protect themselves, how can you protect your doggo? Unfortunately, it is not that practical for our four-legged friends to wear masks!

dog with surgical mask protecting dogs from bushfire smoke
Dogs suffer from the smoke just like we do. Here are a few simple things you can do to protect your doggo.

  • Limit your dogs outside time where possible particularly when we have poor air quality,
  • Walk or exercise your dog when there is little smoke/air pollution. Unfortunately, this has not always been early mornings in our cities this season, so you do need to monitor the weather/air reports,
  • Ensure there is plenty of clean fresh water around for your dog. You just need to have a look at your car or outdoor furniture to see how much junk is in the air that can pollute their bowls.

A few simple modifications to your routine can make a big difference to your doggos comfort in these difficult conditions.

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