Protecting your Dog during Christmas

Protecting your Dog during Christmas

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year with family and friends gathering for a range of celebrations. This is an exciting and disrupting time for your dog as Christmas decorations, and often a tree appears in the household, along with guests, new sounds and smells.

Here are a few simple things to be conscious of to keep your dog safe during this period.

Beware of Christmas Foods 

Chocolate, grapes, raisins and nuts are all dangerous for dogs as they are either toxic to dogs or will upset their digestive system. Keep these well away from your dog.

Also, be careful with more traditional Christmas favourites like Christmas Pudding or mince pies as they contain these ingredients. Finally, watch the Christmas leftovers! Make sure you do not leave them where your dog may access them, particularly cooked bones.

Christmas trees 

Training to keep your dog away from the tree and presents is vital for your dog's safety.  If you have a real tree, be careful of the pine needles. The pine needles represent a choking hazard so need to be swept and disposed away from your doggo. 

Christmas decorations can also be a problem. Glass or breakable plastic ornaments should be placed out of reach. Tinsel is also a risk as it is also a choking hazard and can cause all sorts of blockages if ingested by your doggo.

Make sure your tree is secure and not in a place where your doggo could accidentally knock it over. Any tree knocked over can damage items in your room, damage electrics like Christmas tree lights and potentially be a fire risk and also break ornaments risking glass cuts. 

Christmas Presents

It is great fun to have your doggo share in the experience of opening presents. Christmas is a fun and exciting time for everyone. Just watch string and gift wrap as once again they can present potential hazards for your doggo. 

Hopefully, you find this short checklist useful.  We at Dog Approved Co hope you, your doggo and family have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.


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