June Competition Winner

June Competition Winner

Congratulations to @mishka.and.malibu from Vic, who was the winner of our June "Dog Paw Cleaner Giveaway!" on Instagram.

This winter we are thankfully getting a fair bit of rain.  As every dog owner knows, this means puddles and muddy paws 🐾


The Dog Paw Cleaner is one of our more popular products as it is simple to use and portable enough to go in the car to the dog park or stay by the house door.


To get the best results with this product 

-  3/4fill the cup with water

- optionally add your favourite dog shampoo

- insert a dirty paw, gently moving it in and out of the plunger while the gentle silicone bristles wash away the dirt,

- use a towel to dry each wet foot and pour away the dirty water.


The Dog Paw Cleaner can be separated into 3 pieces for easy cleaning (cup, bristles, lid).

If you are after more detail on the Dog Paw Cleaner and to get one for your Doggo, check out the product page HERE

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