Helping your dog cope with NYE fireworks

Helping your dog cope with NYE fireworks

New Year's Eve and the NYE fireworks are some of the most fondly anticipated nights for most Australians during the summer holidays. Unfortunately for dog owners, this can be a tough night as many doggos are scared of the unpredictable loud fireworks. As a dog owner, it is time to make preparations to help your dog cope with NYE

Sydney NYE Fireworks over Sydney Harbour Bridge

Why are dogs scared of fireworks?

Dogs are scared of fireworks for the same reasons that many are scared of thunderstorms.

1. Fireworks are loud and unpredictable. Dogs are more sensitive to sound than humans and the fireworks are unpredictable large sounds.

2. Fireworks threaten dogs as they cannot escape the big sound. The NYE fireworks fill the skyline and the resulting sound surrounds the dog. They cannot escape the perceived threat, setting off the dog's flight response.

ย ๏ปฟscared dog hiding under banket


What you should do ahead of NYE fireworks night

It is time to prepare for NYE to ensure you help your doggo copes with NYE celebrations. Today you should:

  1. Check your gates and fences are secure. You do not want your dog to escape your yard and become lost.
  2. Check your contact details for your dog's microchip are up to date and ensure your dog is wearing its collar and tags
  3. Take your dog for a late walk and/or play to tire it out ahead of the fireworks.

What you can do during the fireworks

  1. Bring your dog inside. Dogs should not be tied up outside during the fireworks display as they can hurt themselves when they panic.
  2. Close the blinds and cover windows to stop the external stimulus of the fireworks display
  3. Turn on the TV or some louder music as a distraction to the noise of the fireworks and to get your dog accustomed to the higher noise level
  4. If your dog has a thunder jacket or favourite cover put it on, to help your dog feel secure.
  5. Create a safe environment in the room with the dogs bedding, favourite blanket, favourite toy etc to create familiarity and security.
  6. If your dog seeks comfort during the noise by all means given it the cuddle or pat that it needs.

The Dog Approved team wish you and your doggo a fantastic New Year and hope this makes your NYE more enjoyable.



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