Review of the Dog Teeth Ball

Review of the Dog Teeth Ball

The Dog Teeth Ball has been all over Instagram and Facebook over the past 18months  There is lots of the same stock footage of doggos enjoying these balls. They look great so we needed to put them to the test in the Dog Approved Yard. 

First Impressions

This is a really solid ball for dogs.  It has some weight to it. Even the smallest of the three sizes available feels solid and suggests a product that will last.  The rows of "teeth" are evenly spaced across the dog ball allowing lots of opportunities to place a variety of dry food/treats to challenge the dog.  There is also a big central cavity that can also be used for treats or a paste (eg peanut butter).

The Testing

For the testing we used a large teeth treat ball. Woody our head tester is a StaffyX so we wanted to see what impact those jaws would have, particularly on the rubber teeth that hold in the treats. Rocky our other tester is a Beaglier and will sniff out the faintest treat but needs a lot of regular stimulation and amusement.



The treat ball teeth wwas loaded up generously with our regular dry food. The central cavity was left empty.  You can see Woody in the video above with his first experience of the teeth treat dog ball. A lot of licking and crunching is going on to dislodge the dry food. Some good bites and chewing at around 120seconds in.

Rocky underwent some similar conditions outside. You can see the difference of the very clever Beaglier working into the teeth and crevices to work out all of the dry food (and crumbs) for the dog teeth treat ball.

Perhaps surprising given the look of the dog ball, but it actually does bounce and roll well and can be used for your typical ball games.

The teeth treat ball is a staple accessory at Dog Approved. The original orange ball used in this testing is now 6months old and had a well-used life both in and outside and is still in great condition.  These dog balls, in particular, had a good workout during the first COVID lockdown as distractions so that we could get some work done. As per our article "Working from home with your Dog" from April, we highly recommend having one of these on hand to keep your dog occupied during those important video calls or focus time.




  • Very durable. One of the longest-lasting chewing accessories you can buy
  • Good for all breeds and meets the needs of strong chewers or small focused nibblers
  • Works for both dry food and pastes
  • Provides long periods of stimulation and challenge
  • Easy to clean.


  • Perhaps more common sense than a con but given this is used with food product it needs a regular wash.


Final Verdict - it is Dog Approved 😊

The Dog Teeth Ball is one of our highest recommendations. It is very versatile in terms of the variety of amusement and training opportunities it can offer your dog. a must for the remote worker that needs a solid dog distraction.


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