Dog Care Hack: Cleaning your car seat cover or hammock

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Here is a little hack that might make your dog car seat cleaning a little easier that I discovered last week.

If you are like us and have a dog car seat cover for your boot or a dog car hammock for your seats, you will periodically need to take it out of the car and give it a good shake and a hose down to get all that excess hair off it.  

The challenge is the clumps of hair that stubbornly stick to any seam, pocket or feature of your hammock. A good brush, some more water and this hair can still be stuck on your cover.

I found a dog deshedding glove can be used to easily remove this stubborn excess hair. Put on the glove and wipe gently along the sean or hair area and the hair comes off readily due to the gloves bristles and the focus you can provide with a hand or finger.


A word of warning: If your dog has ripped or put holes in your cover be careful or the bristles from your deshedding glove could tear them further.

Hang your cover out to dry when you are finished as you would normally and you should have a clean cover ready to go back in your car for your next doggo adventure.


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