Personalised Dog Treat Bag

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Need a handy bag for your next dog walk or training session? Wearing your most fashionable gym gear exercising with your dog and have no pockets?

This dog treat bag is the answer!  This dog treat training pouch has a handy belt to secure it conveniently around your waist or a strong clip to attach to your belt. 

female athlete running eith dog wearing dog approved co treat bag training bag

As a dog training pouch,  the large central pouch will keep your treats fresh and secure with its flexible drawstring top. This still allows you to easily access dog treats to reward your dog.

This dog treat pouch is available in three colours and three personalised name patterns. It is tough, durable and waterproof.

dog treat bag colour options

The twin external pockets are functional and purpose-built. The left pocket is perfect to secure your mobile phone, a small wallet or other small items. The right pocket is specifically designed for dog poop bags with a convenient bag dispenser.

Your doggo's name will be printed on the bag. Simply select the pattern you want and we will email you from to confirm your doggo's name (up to 15 Characters).

This is the perfect dog training treat bag to use while you are training your dog, or as a handy dog walking hands-free carry-all, while you are out enjoying some time with your dog.


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