Yellow Round Snuffle Mat

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Snuffle Mat

This is a unique pet feeding training mat. You can hide treats or small toys in the snuffle mat, and leave your dog to find them. 

The snuffle mat is designed to stimulate dog’s foraging skills, and let them sniff and train their sense of smell. This can help your dog eat food slowly, which is beneficial for their digestion as well as make their mealtime more enjoyable.

This is also a great way to occupy your doggo and use up their extra energy to avoid them being bored or anxious and engaged in destructive behaviour.

The Snuffle Mat is made from felt cloth material, which is safe for your dog to sniff and forage, durable for long time use. It folds up easily for tidy storage when not in use. It is approximately 48cm wide and machine washable.

The snuffle mat has padding on the bottom which prevents the snuffle mat from moving around while your dog is busy sniffing and scavenger for their treats.

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